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Can you guess how many fonts you have on your computer?
Use this simple tool to discover fonts you didn’t know existed.

Our Fontwise Fontcheck™ tool quickly scans your computer to tell you how many fonts you have. It will guide you as to whether your company needs to conduct a full font audit or not.

To get an accurate picture, you need to install the tool with administrator rights or the tool will only scan the files that you are authorised to access (your IT staff will be able to help here).

The number of fonts found indicates the number of unique fonts including different weights e.g. regular, bold, italic etc on the computer.

This is the number that you need to refer to in the Result Guide in Fontcheck™.

The number of font files found may be larger than the number of fonts if the font is found more than once on the computer.

After you scan refer to the Results Guide in Fontwise Fontcheck™. This indicates what the number of fonts found is likely to mean and recommends next steps that you should take to determine whether the fonts found are correctly licensed or not.

Remember, this is just a snapshot of the situation on one computer. The number of fonts on each machine could vary dependent on the kind of work that the user does. To get an accurate view of the situation across your organisation a network audit combined with a reconciliation service is necessary since general software tools do not report on fonts accurately.

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